One Eleven Restaurant Red Deer

one eleven Grill Red Deer

One Eleven Grill brings a chic, sophisticated vibe to the heart of Red Deer.

Situated in the historic Old Brew Plaza building, constructed in the 1800s, the restaurant is a combination of industrial and classic modernism. Our menu features the best market-driven, seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple yet elegant style. We use only the best Alberta Beef produced under our supervision. (read more)

If you are looking for a restaurant with great food, great company, and an amazing atmosphere, you can find it every day or night at One Eleven Grill.

Forage Raised Angus Beef without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones
Find the best in food and drinks
Live Jazz Music Every Friday and Saturday starting at 7:30
Live Jazz Music every Friday and Saturday
Private Rooms for Business Luncheons
business luncheons


Brunch Brunch


Smoked Salmon and Eggs**

two poached eggs, toasted square, feta, rosé sauce 14.94

Bacon Eggs Benedict**

traditional fare, two poached eggs, bacon, bénaise 14.63

Brunch Bowl

chunky potato, Aztec sausage, freah tomato, Broxburn peppers, sweet onion, bénaise 14.36

Avocado BLT***

pepper bacon, cilantro lime aioli, avocado, artisan greens, tomato14.94

Scotch Egg

soft boiled egg, seasoned ground pork, panko breading, lime vinaigrette salad 13.92

Stuffed French Toast*

Texas toast, Nutella, strawberry, cinnamon 13.50

Cinnamon Brioche*

fresh baked, cinnamon, brown sugar, cream cheese 10.50

* Served with fruit
** Served with potato/onion hash browns
*** Served with shoestring fries

First Things First Menu First Things First Menu

First Things First

gluten free menu items  Drunken Mussels

garlic & olive oil, vodka rosé sauce, fresh tomatoes and cilantro 14.31

Dry Ribs

sea salted and peppered 13.88

gluten free menu items  3 Pepper Wing

drums and wings with a blue cheese creamy drizzle 14.10

Crab Cakes

asparagus, béarnaise, spiced chili aioli 13.78

Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach Dip

spinach & roasted pepper spread, aromatic oven baked bread 13.11

gluten free menu items  Mini Back Ribs

pork ribs, blueberry bbq sauce 14.15

Lobster Bruschetta

balsamic glaze on toasted rounds 14.91

gluten free menu items  Wings

drums and wings, salt & pepper, hot 10.49
or signature blueberry bbq 12.54

Peppered Calamari

tzatziki, red onion, cucumber, lemon 14.62

Chefs Soup du Jour

made from scratch daily 8.78

gluten free menu items  Grilled Peach and Strawberry Salad

artisan greens, feta, toasted almonds, chardonnay vinaigrette 14.80

gluten free menu items  Tandoori Salmon Salad

grilled salmon, mint yogurt, roasted almonds, fresh apples 17.10

gluten free menu items  One-Eleven Caesar Salad

crisp & fresh romaine, croutons, aged parmesan 12.40

Taco Salad

crisp romaine, seasoned beef, cilantro, avacado, corn, sweet onion 16.20

gluten free menu items  House Salad

cucumber, red onion, feta, grape tomatoes, chardonnay vinaigrette 12.40

Try it with

Chicken, Salmon or Prawns 6.00

gluten free menu items  Gluten Free

These dishes can be modified to be gluten free, please notify your server of your allergy when ordering

Mid Day Menu Mid Day Menu

Mid Day

Beef Enchiladas

stuffed flour tortilla, topped with brown mole sauce, sliced onion and grated cheese 16.35

gluten free menu items  Cobb Salad

broxburn tomatoes, French Blue cheese, range chicken, local brown egg 16.22

Lobster Bruschetta Linguine

Fresh tomato, basil, sweet onion, lobster meat, linguine 17.68

Yorkshire Philly Cheesesteak

Fresh yorkshire, AAA roast beef, carmelized onion, broxburn peppers 16.71

Shrimp Po Boy

fried battered shrimp, tobasco infused mayo, lettuce, broxburn tomato, toasted baquette 15.40

gluten free menu items  Brunch Bowl

chunky potato, Aztec sausage, fresh tomato, broxburn peppers 16.38

Baked Penne Bolognese

penne pasta, slow simmered tomato sauce, seasoned ground beef, Italian shredded cheese 15.82

gluten free menu items  Sautéed Chicken Rice Bowl

pineapple fried chicken, broxburn vegetables, garlic soy sauce 15.84

Chicken Cheddar Club

range chicken, Ridgewood Farms aged cheddar, toasted ciabatta 16.40

One Eleven Burger

hand formed patty, aged cheddar, horseradish aioli, house made bbq, frizzled onion 16.35

Spicy Thai Chicken Sandwich

marinated roast chicken, toasted baguette, honey mint slaw 16.40

Steak Sandwich

AAA Alberta beef sirloin, frizzled onions, baked ciabatta 16.65

Try it with

Chicken, Salmon or Prawns 6.00

gluten free menu items  Gluten Free

These dishes can be modified to be gluten free, please notify your server of your allergy when ordering

Something Special beef, chicken, ribs Something Special beef, chicken, ribs

Something Special

gluten free menu items  Blueberry Barbeque Beef Ribs

large beef ribs, braised then grilled, smothered in blueberry barbeque sauce 25.97

gluten free menu items  8 oz Sirloin

aged 28 days 24.90

Sirloin Oscar

asparagus, lobster, béarnaise 28.60

gluten free menu items  Stuffed Flank Medallion

stuffed with cream cheese, bacon, onion and spinach 26.43

gluten free menu items  Grilled Salmon

seasonal sauce, green onion 25.64

gluten free menu items  Blue Cheese Sirloin

these flavours meld for an amazing steak experience 27.90

Cordon Bleu

breaded range breast, proscuitto, smoked cheese, béarnaise 27.18

gluten free menu items  Alberta Beef Tenderloin

juicy, tender, wrapped in bacon 29.65

gluten free menu items  Delmonico

ribeye cut medallion, red wine mushroom demi glaze 31.10

gluten free menu items  Blackened Chicken

cajun spices, garlic butter, fire grilled 24.65

gluten free menu items  Pork Belly Ribs

braised bone-in pork belly rib, smoked apple bbq sauce 26.43

gluten free menu items  Raspberry Chicken

tender stuffed Alberta chicken, cream cheese and raspberry pureé 28.86

gluten free menu items  Manhattan

New York strip cut medallion, goat cheese, blueberry maple topping 31.10

Complete the experience, add:

Mushrooms and a Caesar Salad to start 6.00

Mushrooms 5.00

Asparagus 7.00

Prawns 9.00

Crab Legs 17.00

Peppercorn Gravy 3.00

All entré es are accompanied with our Garlic Smashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

gluten free menu items  Gluten Free

These dishes can be modified to be gluten free, please notify your server of your allergy when ordering

Something Special pasta, classic dishes Something Special pasta, classic dishes

Something Special

Mushroom Fettuccine

mushrooms, garlic cream, fragrant basil, fettuccine 14.17

Lobster Mac 'n Cheese

classic mac 'n cheese, lobster, blue cheese 17.88

Seafood Linguine

mussels, prawns, calamari, tomato cream, fresh tomatoes, cilantro 19.26

Chicken Bellagio

crispy coated chicken breast over basil pasta, pesto cream sauce, procuitto and arugula 26.45

Beef Bolognese Linguine

natural beef ground, fresh tomato basil sauce, parmesan 17.85

Mushroom Ravioli

seasonal mushrooms, basil cream, green onion 16.97

Yorkshire Philly

roast beef, caramelized onion, bell peppers in a yorkshire pudding 17.43

One Eleven Burger

bacon, cheddar, mushrooms, onions, horseradish aioli
Only for those who prefer a real burger 14.17

Spicy Chorizo Penne

Argentinian chorizo, tomato herb spices and parmesan 17.82

Fish and Chips

fresh haddock, tartar, shoestring chips 18.51

Blueberry BBQ Burger

hand-formed patty, blueberry bbq sauce, jalapeno jack 17.40

It's About the Food

The freshest ingredients. Attention to detail

Sedan Service

Sedan Transportation Provided for as little as $15.00

We'll do the driving. Starting from $15.00